British Columbia Lottery Corporation digitizes their sourcing with Bonfire

August 9, 2018 Lindsay Kroes

British Columbia Lottery Corporation's procurement team

BCLC is a Crown Corporation responsible for managing and conducting the lottery, casino, and eGaming entertainment on behalf of the Province of British Columbia.

They may be in the business of fun and games, but their mandate is a serious one: provide socially responsible entertainment to customers while delivering revenue to support healthcare, education, community programs, and charitable organizations across the province. In 2017, BCLC delivered $1.3 billion in net income to support these crucial services in the province.

The integral role of procurement

To ensure best value and uphold strict compliance requirements, BCLC has undergone continuous procurement transformation.

“Procurement is an integral part of the organization's operations because we interface with all departments across the enterprise, whether it's at a transactional level, ensuring that orders are placed or invoices are paid, or up to a strategic level, where we're partnering with business units to source critical services and materials,” explains Keith Bolen, Director of Corporate Procurement at BCLC. “Therefore, we have to continually question the status quo and look for better ways to deliver our services in a faster, efficient manner.”

This forward-thinking attitude led them to bring on Bonfire to digitize their sourcing process for greater efficiency and visibility.

A flexible, scalable eSourcing solution

BCLC uses Bonfire to:

  • Reduce the administrative burden of the process;

  • Provide an easy-to-use interface for evaluators to view and score proposals; and

  • Gain instant insights into project progress and key KPIs.

“Vendors register and sign into the system and download their proposals to Bonfire, and then the system facilitates the evaluation process using an automated scorecard,” explains Bolen.

“The Bonfire system has organized the information in such a manner that it's greatly improved the efficiency of how evaluators access the proposals and greatly enhanced how each evaluator may compare each response to a question across every proposal. It’s provided us with real-time reporting as to which vendors have replied, what stage each evaluator is at in reviewing proposals, and elapsed time taken at each milestone in the review process.

“The product is highly scalable, so we're able to manage a significant number of bid solicitations at any one time, and it's also highly configurable as we tend to have fairly complex methodologies that we apply to our scoring method.”


Read the full article in Business Chief.


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